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Sunraise HP Series Thermographers with Energy Smart Heat Zone Control offer companies of all size features that equate to profitability. With a solid reputation for high productivity, long term durability and maximum energy savings, HP Series equipment owners are among the world's most experienced, most productive and most cost efficient thermography producing companies.

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The most economically priced thermographer manufactured by Sunraise. Automated powder application and removal, efficient cal rod heat elements, and cool running spring conveyor. View the video to see how the Tabletop thermographer works!


The 43.5" long heat tunnel pivots off the conveyor for fast cool down after the heat has been shut off.


Heat tunnel employs simple lifting mechanics. Select and lock in the height of the heat tunnel to your desired level. Produces up to 10,000 iph and a maximum stock width of 15" (38.1 cm).


Combines Special Edition features with the proven reliability that made this the number one seller. It is the most advanced 15" wide thermographer on the market today. View the video to see how the Special Edition thermographer works!

HP/20 SE

Heat tunnel uses the same simple lifting mechanics as seen on the HP/15 but can produce up to 13,000 iph and has a maximum stock width of 20" (50.8 cm).

SE Series

State of the art ceramic fiber heaters, 10' heating system, and cast aluminum vacuum head adjusts to multiple levels.

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