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The enormously successful SE Series has become the industry benchmark for large format thermographers. The SE/15, SE/20, SE/30 and SE/40 all incorporate the simple design and outstanding quality that the Sunraise name has come to stand for.

All of the SE Series models feature state-of-the-art ceramic fiber heaters and a unique heating system that is comprised of three sections that are independently controlled by their own digital temperature control module. This design allows the operator to adjust the sections so that heat is applied in stages. Reducing the chances of paper stock curling when it passes through the heat tunnel. To conserve energy and maintain the ambient temperature outside the heating section Sunraise uses the same high tech insulation that NASA uses on its spacecraft. The heating and cooling sections of the SE models can be adjusted up or down and locked into place allowing for a variety of substrates.

To enhance ease of operation SE model thermographerís feature triple hinged in-feed conveyor and powder blanket that is controlled independently from the heating and cooling section.

The powdering section on SE models has a molded airtight cast aluminum vacuum head, an industry exclusive from Sunraise!

The assembly, which can be adjusted to multiple levels, focuses the vacuum precisely to the surface of the stock producing a crisp and clean final product.

A vacuum inverter with a digital LED readout is also standard and something you will only find on a Sunraise. The inverter allows you to increase or decrease vacuum by minimizing air turbulence in the vacuuming process, which reduces wear and tear on thermographic resins.

The innovative features and ease-of-use design for our SE Series came from listening to our customerís needs and suggestions

Our commitment to research and development has made Sunraise thermographers the #1 choice in the world for high production thermography equipment.

You can custom order your SE Series model with dual powdering or dual heating units. If you produce heat transfers you can order our SE Powdering Sections as fully functional stand-alone modules. Whatever your needs, Sunraise can provide you with the equipment you need.

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