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The Sunraise HP-20SE brings the affordable high production capabilities of our entry level HP Series together with some of the more popular features from our top-of-the-line SE Series.


The HP-20 SE features a formidable array of options to produce high speed, superior quality thermography. The powdering section is equipped with a molded, cast aluminum vacuum head. This allows suction to be more easily focused leaving less excess powder on the substrate and producing super crisp results.


State-of-the-art ceramic fiber heaters, ensure even heat distribution while the high tech insulation surrounding the heaters conserves energy and maintains the ambient temperature outside the heating section. The heating and cooling sections of this model can also be adjusted up or down and locked into place allowing for a variety of substrates.


The ease of use and rock solid durability that Sunraise is known for will assure you years of dependable service from these models. Our customer service representatives will provide you with answers to all your questions with the professionalism and personal service that our customers expect. We are proud to offer the HP-20 SE and encourage you to discover why it has helped us become the largest producer of thermography equipment in the world.

The HP-20 SE is equipped with the industry's only molded airtight cast aluminum vacuum head which focuses vacuum precisely to the stock. This efficient high precision assembly is a Sunraise exclusive.



The front conveyor clutch stops the in-feed conveyor independent from the rest of the conveyor, providing operators more convenience and reduced fatigue during setup.


An Optional UV cooling unit can be pre-installed to allow rapid cooling of the substrate.


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